Tesla rolls out new steering yoke with physical center horn, better build quality

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It appears that Tesla has started rolling out an improved version of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV’s controversial steering yoke. The new steering yoke is fitted with a center horn, more stitching, and an improvement in overall build quality. 

An image of the updated steering yoke for the Model S and Model X was shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. As can be seen in the image, the new yoke has a redesigned center area with a horn symbol below the “TESLA” badge. The stitches in the new yoke also seem quite thick and durable. 

Electric vehicle enthusiasts responded positively to the updated Model S and Model X yoke. Part of this is because the first version of the controversial steering system had a lot of areas for improvement. Among these was the horn, which was a small capacitive button at the top right side of the yoke that was quite prone to accidental presses. 

Elon Musk acknowledged the issue way back in March 2022, when he noted that Tesla would roll out a software update for the Model S and Model X that would allow drivers to engage the horn by mashing the right side of the yoke. Even such a solution, however, was fairly pale in comparison to the simplicity of a physical horn in the center. It is then quite unsurprising that EV advocates responded positively to the addition of a physical center horn in the updated steering yoke.

Apart from issues with the yoke’s horn button, Tesla Model S and Model X owners have also observed that the material in the original yoke tended to peel over time. And while a number of Tesla owners noted in the r/TeslaLounge subreddit that they have had their yokes replaced under warranty, the peeling issue in the Model S and Model X’s steering yoke was undoubtedly very annoying considering the flagship vehicles’ prices. These issues would hopefully be addressed fully with the updated yoke. 

Based on videos that have been shared by Tesla customers, it appears that the physical center horn has also been rolled out to the Model S and Model X’s standard round steering wheel. A video that was shared on YouTube, for one, showed a round steering wheel from a 2024 Tesla Model S with a physical center horn.

Watch a video of Tesla’s updated round steering wheel below.

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Tesla rolls out new steering yoke with physical center horn, better build quality
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