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Tesla’s Yoke Steering Wheel remains a mystery with owners and employees

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Tesla’s Yoke Steering Wheel was among the most talked-about changes with the Model S and Model X Refresh teaser images that were shared in late January. Months after the racing-style steering column was announced, it still remains a mystery. Its more specific details, like what cars it will be included with, remain undetailed by Tesla or CEO Elon Musk, and owners want answers.

The Model S and Model X were due for a Refresh. It has been several years since Tesla had made any real revisions worth noting to its two flagship cars. After photographs revealed the two vehicles would undergo a major interior overhaul, many enthusiasts chose to order the vehicle, enticed by its new center screen, updated HVAC system, and world-class performance specifications.

Some were up in the air about the inclusion of a Yoke Steering Wheel, however. While some were interested and enthusiastic about Tesla’s choice to include it, others aren’t too sure about what to think, and whether the Yoke will be a standard feature still remains a big question. Some owners have reached out to Teslarati with curiosity, wondering when their vehicle will be ready and whether they will have their hands on a half-steering wheel instead of a full-circle column.

While The Kilowatts said that all Model S Refresh vehicles, including the Long Range variant, will include the Yoke wheel, the answer isn’t definite. Several Tesla showrooms remain conflicted on what the automaker is planning. Some agree with The Kilowatts and claim that all three of the new Model S variants will include the Yoke.

Others have said that the Yoke will only be available with the Plaid and Plaid+ variants, and others simply have no clue. Teslarati spoke with several different Tesla showrooms around the country today, all of the conversations just confirming that nobody really knows what the ultimate plan for the Yoke is. One showroom said all three Model S vehicles would equip the Yoke because the online design studio shows all three cars with a Yoke, leaving out the option of a full-circle steering wheel. Another showroom location said Tesla had not detailed any steering wheel design options.

Tesla is yet to deliver any of its new Model S or X vehicles to customers. Elon Musk told us recently that the Plaid variants still had “many fine details to address,” so it could be a simple bottleneck on Tesla’s end that is keeping them from communicating what the options will be. Whatever the decision, government agencies, like the NHTSA, will not interfere, as they have found no issues with Tesla’s Yoke Steering Wheel, confirming it is compliant with safety standards.

Tesla’s Yoke Steering Wheel remains a mystery with owners and employees
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