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Tesla’s Q2 outlook prompts price target cut at Credit Suisse

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Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) price target at Credit Suisse has been reduced to $1,000 from $1,125 as the firm, led by research analysts Dan Levy and Trevor Young, cited concerns from the company’s COVID-forced shutdown as a major concern to Q2 delivery numbers.

“We expect Tesla 2Q’22 deliveries of 242k vs. sell-side consensus of ~280k, largely driven by the Shanghai COVID shutdown,” the analysts wrote.

Tesla shares were up 3.11 percent, trading at $727.12, at 11:27 am ET.

In April, Tesla shut down production lines at Gigafactory Shanghai for three weeks as COVID cases began to rise in the Chinese city. The stoppage forced Tesla to eat 97 percent of its monthly production figures, as the automaker reported less than spirited numbers in April compared to March. The factory has since resumed production and returned to normal output levels rather quickly.

Levy and Young also cited they would reduce their 2Q EPS estimates from $2.06 to $1.10. This is based on a reduction in forecasted deliveries, as the firm reduced its outlook from 295,000 cars in Q2 to just 242,000. “In aggregate, we believe the Shanghai shutdown accounted for ~90k units of lost production in Q2,” the letter to investors said. “Note that whereas Elon Musk noted on the 1Q call that 2Q deliveries would be similar to / or slightly lower than 1Q (310k), we believe the longer-than-expected Shanghai shutdown, as well as the slow ramp of Austin and Berlin, imply downside.”

Tesla will attempt to counter Shanghai shutdown with end-of-quarter delivery blitz

“Moreover, given the lower deliveries outlook, the associated margin impact, and an expected Bitcoin impairment, we reduce our 2Q EPS estimate to $1.10 from $2.06, and below consensus $2.08.

Tesla has routinely outpaced analyst expectations in recent quarters, beating consensus estimates with deliveries and financial metrics. In Q1, Tesla posted total revenues of $18.756 billion with a gross profit of $5.460 billion. This beat consensus estimates of $17.8 billion. Additionally, Tesla reported a massive beat in EPS, reporting $3.22 per share with estimates coming in at just $2.27 per share.

Credit Suisse still believes Tesla is the undisputed leader of the sector, holding a considerable lead over its competitors. “We believe the long-term case for Tesla is clear — Tesla remains the global leader in EV, and amid rising supply chain risks, we believe Tesla’s lead over other automakers in the race to EV is only amplified given its lead in vertical integration and its prior EV experience,” the note states.

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Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

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Tesla’s Q2 outlook prompts price target cut at Credit Suisse
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