The Boring Company Resorts World station’s opening date to be announced soon

(Credit: The Boring Company)

The Boring Company’s (TBC) Vegas Loop is expected to start operations under the resort corridor next year. A Resorts World representative told Teslarati that it would announce the opening date and details about the Vegas Loop station in the coming weeks. 

TBC’s Prufrock-1 surfaced at Resorts World in February, 2022. The Vegas Loop station is expected to transport about 2,000 people an hour from Resorts World to the Las Vegas Convention Center at the start of operations. Eight Tesla vehicles will pass through the single Vegas Loop tunnel. 

Resorts World initially aimed to have its Vegas Loop station working by April 20, in time for the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) on April 23. However, the Resorts World station was not able to meet the target. 

Overall, The Boring Company plans to build 51 stops throughout Las Vegas with the Vegas Loop. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) CEO and President Steve Hill told the Review Journal that TBC would tackle the buildout of the Vegas Loop in phases. 

“We’ll build phases that are separate to start and then tie them in and subsequent phases. The [Allegiant] stadium to the Tropicana area will be one phase,” Hill said. “The Caesars Loop will be one phase. And the Resorts World and Westgate connecting to the convention center will be one phase. Then there will be phases that follow that connect those connections together.” 

Hill noted that the timeline for the Vegas Loop depended on the permitting process. He seemed hopeful it would move swiftly because the design of the Vegas tunnels wasn’t changing. Plus, the building department has had time to learn more about the system and TBC’s construction methods.

The LVCVA head also stated that the operating permit to open the Vegas Loop’s Resorts World station is processing. Hill noted that the Resorts World tunnel, which connects to the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be the toughest to build in the entire Vegas Loop system. 

“It’s probably the most difficult tunnel the Boring Company will ever have to produce,” Hill said. “It turned exceptionally tightly, so it really tested the limit of the boring machine itself and the ability to remove the material from the tunnel. While it was turning tightly it (the boring machine) had to dive, almost like tunneling in a corkscrew.”

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The Boring Company Resorts World station’s opening date to be announced soon
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