The Boring Company’s Resorts World Loop is a small but major step forward

It’s been over a year since The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Convention Center Loop started operations, and since that time, the underground tunnel system has grown. Today, the tunneling company’s Loop system includes a station at Resorts World, the first of possibly 55 stations that would make up the greater Vegas Loop. 

When completed, the Vegas Loop is expected to connect several key areas in the city through a series of tunnels. These include destinations such as the Strip, Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and eventually, Los Angeles. It’s an ambitious goal, but it seems like The Boring Company is intent on achieving its target.

During a recent tour with the local media, Resorts World President Scott Sibella stated that the Resorts World station is a milestone in itself. It’s the first Boring Company project that actually warrants a fee ($2.50 for an all-day pass and $1.50 for a single ride), but Sibella noted that the underground tunnels have been pretty popular among passengers so far. 

“People love it. They can just do the (QR) code on the wall on their phone, and they’re off and running. They can use it as much as they like,” the Resorts World President said. 

As noted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal report, plans are underway to build another tunnel for the Resorts World station. The next phases for the Vegas Loop are also reportedly planned for the areas around Allegiant Stadium and the South Strip, the Caesars Loop near Flamingo, and an extension to the Westgate. 

Steve Hill, the CEO and president of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), has noted that portions of the upcoming Loop phases would hopefully be ready for some initial use next year. These are small steps in the buildout of the greater Vegas Loop, of course, but they are significant. They do, for one, prove that The Boring Company’s Loop concept is feasible. 

The system itself could be criticized for being quite rudimentary for now, but its potential is vast. Las Vegas seems to be seeing that. It’s pretty safe too, despite the loud cacophony of criticism from Elon Musk skeptics aggressively pushing the narrative that the Loop system is a dangerous failure. Hill noted that in terms of safety, at least, The Boring Company’s safety systems in its tunnels have been proven to work. 

“There are any number of safety precautions that have not only been designed into the system, but have already been proven to work. They (safety measures) will continue to be done for each segment. There is an emergency evacuation area that will be built periodically throughout the system. You can use every station for that. They’ve built specialty cars to respond to problems if they come up and they will be available for police and fire to use, as well as the Boring Co. themselves,” Hill said. 

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The Boring Company’s Resorts World Loop is a small but major step forward
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