Video Compilation of Model S with Autopilot in Action

Tesla Model S with Autopilot in NYC

Tesla’s first foray into the world of self-driving and semi-autonomous transportation will surely bring about an entirely new perspective on driving – hands-free driving, that is. Using a combination of high tech sensors including a forward looking radar, forward looking cameras, and long-range ultrasonic sensors – the Model S is capable of driving itself through even the busiest of city streets.

We’re highlighting the best videos from around the web capturing reactions of people when they find themselves behind the wheel of a self-driving Model S with Autopilot.

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Model S owners using Autopilot in the real world

(Firmware 7.0)








“It was super weird and super fun” – Jalopnik

(Firmware 7.0)


“… I wasn’t doing much driving—the Tesla Model S was.” – Ars Technica

(Firmware 7.0)


“Autosteer did an admirable job on busy city streets of avoiding traffic” -CNET

(Firmware 7.0)


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