Tesla Announces Details on Autopilot Version 7.0

Tesla Autopilot Version 7.0 Dashboard Display [Source: Tesla Motors]

See images from Tesla’s Autopilot Press Kit below.

Quoted from @DanielSparks

On whether Autopilot 7.0 will recognize Stop Signs and Red Lights

Autopilot will not be retrofitted on to early Model S

Autopilot will drive better than Humans.

Elon Musk from the Tesla Autopilot Press Conference

Quoted via @DanielSparks

“We are deploying a fleet learning technology, improvements happen day-to-day, noticeable week-by-week, even without software update … Don’t expect a retrofit option for early Model S owners. It doesn’t make financial sense”, said Elon.

“Elon: Fully autonomous maybe in 3 yrs, ‘maybe earlier but I’m trying to recalibrate my time predictions’ .. regulatory approval to vary”

“When asked about future Teslas: AP will be standard on all cars, safety features standard, convenience features you will pay to enable.”

Timeframe for Autopilot Version 7.0 Roll Out


Tesla Model S Version 7.0 Release Notes

Tesla Model S Version 7.0 Release Notes [Source: Tesla Motors]

Tesla Version 7 News

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