Volkswagen-backed battery company Northvolt announces $1.1B expansion

Northvolt labs exterior (Credit:Northvolt)

Northvolt, a Swedish battery manufacturer for BMW Group, VW Group, Volvo Cars, Fluence Energy, and Scania Trucks has announced that it has completed a $1.1 billion investment and borrowing round to help expand its manufacturing capabilities.

In a press release published today, Northvolt detailed the $1.1 billion investment and borrowing round that will allow the company to expand its manufacturing and recycling capabilities to meet $55 billion worth of orders from the BMW Group, VW Group, Volvo Cars, Fluence Energy, and Scania Trucks. The list of investors includes the likes of VW Group, Goldman Sachs, the IMAS Foundation (owners of the majority of IKEA stores), and many more.

This round of investment adds to Northvolt’s $8 billion in investment already accumulated since 2017. It also follows shortly after the company manufactured its first battery at the end of 2021 and shipped its first delivery in the spring of this year.

Northvolt currently has multiple facilities helping it meet its current backlog of orders. The company has been in a near-constant expansion since its inception to keep up with demand. Northvolt has several manufacturing plants; one in Sweden, one in Germany, and one in partnership with Volvo Cars in Sweden. The company also has a research center in Sweden and a corporate headquarters in Stockholm.

The company has not only expanded its footprint, but it has been hiring manpower to keep up with demand. The company claims that it has been hiring roughly 150 people each month since 2021 and plans on continuing into this year.

Northvolt differentiates itself, not only through unique battery chemistries and research but also through its dedication to sustainability. The company claims that by 2030, 50% of its raw material needs will be sourced from recycled batteries, all while fueling its production facilities with nearby hydroelectric power. These sustainable goals not only make Northvolt a greener company, but it also allows costs to be kept down.

It is unclear how many batteries Northvolt’s clients have ordered or when the company will be able to fulfill the first orders made by some of its own investors. However, its current success in expansion and manufacturing are reasons to be hopeful for more sustainable batteries in the future.

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Volkswagen-backed battery company Northvolt announces $1.1B expansion
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