Volkswagen ID.4 GTX with LGES batteries sets Guinness World Record for EVs

(Credit: LGES)

LG Energy Solutions’ global communications team informed Teslarati that Rainer Zietlow set a new Guinness World Record with a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX powered by LG Energy Solution batteries. 

In 2021, Zietlow won the title for the longest continuous journey with an electric vehicle in a single country. He drove through the United States in a Volkswagen ID.4. On May 18, 2022, Zietlow and his Challenge4 team set another record. 

The world-record driver drove up the dormant Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia, reaching 5,816 meters in altitude. On May 23, 2022, Zietlow and his team were awarded an official Guinness World Records certificate for the highest altitude achieved in an electric vehicle in La Paz, Bolivia. 

“Our goal was to show everyone the potential of electromobility by demonstrating how electric vehicles maintain their top level of performance even at extreme altitudes,” said Zietlow about the challenge.

Zietlow and his crew used a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX equipped with the European automaker’s Modular electric drive matrix (MEB) to set the new Guinness World Record. 

VW’s MEB platform is flexible. It was designed for cost-efficiency and to help other automakers ramp EV production. Volkswagen Group recently announced a partnering agreement with India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. VW plans to provide MEB components to Mahindra for its “Born Electric Platform.”

VW’s electric vehicles are powered by LG Energy Solution (LGES). Volkswagen and the Korean battery supplier have developed the MEB platform for the ID. Family since 2016. The companies’ collaborative work were applied to the ID.3 and ID.4. 

LGES congratulated Zietlow on his latest achievement. 

“Congratulations to Zietlow and his team for setting a new world altitude record with our batteries,” LGES stated. “Their incredible accomplishment is yet another milestone added to Guinness World Records title for the longest EV journey achieved in 2021, which has already shown LGES battery’s high endurance level.”

“The team’s vehicle of choice was the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, powered by LG Energy Solution’s battery cells and modules, and we’re excited for this new record, as it serves as a proof of LGES battery-powered EV’s outstanding performance in a variety of driving environments,” the LGES communications team told Teslarati.

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Volkswagen ID.4 GTX with LGES batteries sets Guinness World Record for EVs
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