Volkswagen’s ID.5 GTX to be unveiled in September: ‘Elegant athleticism meets efficiency’


Volkswagen will expand its lineup of all-electric cars in mid-September at the IAA Munich Motor Show in Germany. The German automaker will unveil the ID.5 GTX at the event, its first SUV coupé that will use the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB). Referring to the new ID.5 as “elegant athleticism meets efficiency,’ two all-electric engines will offer a WLTP-estimated 497 kilometer (309 miles) range.

After starting its electric offensive with the ID.3, released in 2019. The ID.3 was Volkswagen’s first electric vehicle to utilize the MEB platform, and the company has expanded its lineup with the ID.4 and China-only ID.6.

A sporty and elegant design, the VW ID.5 combines its look with sustainability in the powertrain. Volkswagen describes the design as a “strong front with an elegant body” and highlights its “strong character” with short overhangs and large wheels.

However, the vehicle’s look may not be as fully appreciated as Volkswagen intends it to be at the September show in Munich. The German company said that the ID.5 GTX would arrive at the Motor Show as a “disguised concept,” sporting the all-too-familiar camouflage wrapping that automakers utilize to hide the twists, turns, and sleek lines of a new vehicle. The main point of Volkswagen’s press release regarding the ID.5’s appearance at the show seems to illustrate the sleek and modern design of the vehicle so those who attend won’t be disappointed. Filled with an illusion of adjectives and descriptive details with their words, VW may change the design in the coming months as vehicle development continues.

The “near-production concept” photographs of the vehicle show a reasonably sized all-electric SUV coupe that certainly packs sportiness with functionality. While dimensions are unknown, the vehicle’s design does seem similar to the Tesla Model Y, especially in a size comparison at first glance. That being said, it could seat as many as seven passengers, giving a new dimension to VW’s lineup of all-electric vehicles with the MEB platform.

While sportiness also intends to be the descriptive nature of the vehicle, rugged power is something that Volkswagen hints at with the new vehicle thanks to the dual-motor setup that will offer an effective four-wheel-drive drivetrain. “There is an electric engine on both the front and rear axle of the ID.5 GTX – the dual engine four-wheel drive guarantees strong driving performance, superior traction, and sporty handling,” Volkswagen writes. “The large lithium-ion battery between the axles enables a projected range of up to 497 km (309 miles).”

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Volkswagen’s ID.5 GTX to be unveiled in September: ‘Elegant athleticism meets efficiency’
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