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Tesla Model 3 in white spotted on the hwy is a foreshadow of what’s to come

The first deliveries of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 is expected to take place roughly 60 days from now. CEO Elon Musk recently revealed on twitter that Tesla plans to deliver “the first [Model 3] production cars in July”, rumored to take place during the upcoming Model 3 launch event. The company took the same approach with the first deliveries of Model X when five enthusiastic new owners were handed key fobs by Musk during a live webcast.

A new photo of a white Tesla Model 3 caught by Instagram user tomtomtomxx gives us a look at what’s to come – Model 3s seen through the lens of another car.

Photo credit: tomtomtomxx

What many are regarding as the most important car in history next to Ford’s Model T, Model 3 will, if not already, become the benchmark for what other automakers should need to do in order to stay relevant, as the industry transitions to a future powered by electric mobility.

For the hundreds of thousands who have placed their $1,000 deposits for the opportunity to participate in this movement, you’ll be leading by example. The sight of your Model 3 will mirror these early sighting we’re seeing across Silicon Valley ahead of production, and inspire others to make a difference.

The image below of the production-ready white Tesla Model 3 was captured yesterday near San Jose.  The vehicle was followed by a Model X chase car. Tesla has begun to provide employees with “talking points” on the differences in specifications between Model 3 and Model S through a handout.

Photo credit: tomtomtomxx


Tesla Model 3 in white spotted on the hwy is a foreshadow of what’s to come
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