Xiaomi to follow up Tesla Model 3 competitor with SUV by year end: report

Industry watchers in China have noted that smartphone giant Xiaomi may strike the iron while it’s hot this year, with the Chinese tech company potentially releasing an all-electric SUV following the launch of the SU7 sedan this week. The SU7 sedan has a lot of potential, with the vehicle being benchmarked against one of the country’s most popular premium all-electric sedans, the Tesla Model 3. 

Xiaomi broke the mold somewhat when it launched the SU7. Prior to the SU7, most electric vehicle makers in China typically entered the market with an SUV or a crossover. Nio, one of China’s premium homegrown EV makers, started with SUVs. Li Auto, another China-based electric car maker, features an all-SUV lineup today. Xiaomi’s decision to start with an all-electric sedan then sparked some discussions, as noted in a CNEV Post report. 

But as per Blue Whale Finance, Xiaomi is also looking to secure its place in the all-electric SUV segment. Citing industry insiders, the publication noted that Xiaomi may release an SUV by the end of 2024.  

Xiaomi founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun, for his part, noted that sedans are still a notable portion of the market. In a Weibo video, Lei noted that cars are for driving, and sedans simply have a better driving experience than SUVs. They are also more suitable for one person to drive on a daily basis, the executive noted. 

Overall, Lei noted that the sedan market is still very large, so there’s a lot of potential for the segment. He also highlighted that there are actually not many good pure electric sedans in the market today, at least outside of veterans in the market such as the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S. Lei’s comments on pure electric sedans has a lot of weight considering that he was one of the early Tesla Model S owners in China. 

A since-deleted post on Xiaomi’s official website from 2013 also indicated that Lei had visited Musk a few times. “I went to the United States twice this year, once in July and the second time in October. I went to meet Elon Musk both times. Unlike other Silicon Valley tycoons who meet to talk about business topics, I went to meet Elon Musk purely out of interest: this guy is so amazing that it’s almost ‘counterintuitive,'” the post noted. 

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Xiaomi to follow up Tesla Model 3 competitor with SUV by year end: report
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