BYD makes waves at IAA Mobility 2023 with solid EV lineup

BYD made waves at the 2023 Internationale Automobilausstelung (IAA Mobility) in Munich, showcasing a solid lineup of electric vehicles (EVs). 

“The aim of BYD’s design is to make a statement for the future, for new energy mobility that meets diverse needs,” said BYD’s Design Director Wolfgang Egger. 

“An important part of our design ethos is to maintain the movement and beauty of what we have experienced with ICE cars for so many years. When we talk about the future, this goes beyond new platforms, new architectural choices, innovation in technology, and innovation in design. Our goal is to create an emotional connection, as we have done with the BYD SEAL and SEAL U through a combination of aesthetics, performance, and technology,” Egger elaborated.

BYD presented five fully electric cars with the latest technology at this IAA Mobility conference. The company’s exhibit at the event included the HAN sedan, Atto 3, Dolphin hatchback, and Seal sedan. 

BYD also debuted the Seal U all-electric SUV in Munich. The “U” in Seal U stands for utility. The Seal U is based on its sedan counterpart with the same name. The Chinese automaker plans to reveal more details about the SEAL U after its global launch set for 2024. 

The Seal U will use the company’s Blade battery, which BYD claims is cobalt-free. The cathode material of the BYD Blade battery is lithium-iron phosphate. The Seal U will have two available battery options: a 71.8 kWh pack and an 87 kWh pack, providing 420 km (261 miles) and 500 km (311 miles) of range, respectively. The range estimates are based on Europe’s WLTP standard.

The Chinese automaker also presented the all-electric premium DENZA D9 MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). Denza is a premium car brand made by a 50-50 venture between BYD and the Mercedes-Benz Group. BYD bought a 40% stake in Denza from Mercedes in 2022, now holding 90% of the company. 

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BYD makes waves at IAA Mobility 2023 with solid EV lineup
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