BYD had its slowest profit growth in two years in Q4

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Chinese automotive giant and electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD posted its 2023 earnings results this week, with the company reporting its slowest quarterly growth rate in almost two years.

In its full-year 2023 earnings report shared on Tuesday, BYD posted an 18.6 percent profit increase in Q4, marking its slowest growth rate since Q1 2022. The automaker posted 8.67 billion yuan (~1.2 billion) during the quarter, along with a revenue increase of 15.1 percent to 180.04 billion yuan (~$24.9 billion).

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BYD’s full-year 2023 net profit increased by 80.7 percent to 30.04 billion yuan (~$4.16 billion).

The fourth quarter also took place as many were airing signals around slowed EV demand, and following a year dominated by Tesla’s aggressive price cuts—causing BYD and nearly every other automaker in the world to decide between losing potential customers to better prices or losing profit margin on EVs sold.

“The latest round of price cuts would inevitably result in a margin hit,” said John Zeng, London consulting firm GlobalData’s Head of China Market Forecasting (via Reuters).

This week, BYD reached a milestone of 7 million new-energy vehicles (NEVs) produced, and the auto giant sold a total of 1.57 million battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) last year. In 2020, BYD was still largely focused on transitioning from gas vehicles to NEVs, and the automaker only sold 130,970 BEVs.

China is one of Tesla’s most important auto markets, and BYD has been the U.S. automaker’s most competitive rival in the market by a longshot.

Although BYD doesn’t sell its vehicles in the U.S. yet, it’s eventually expected to do so, and its low-cost BEVs are causing significant concern among auto analysts in the market. Similar concerns have been echoing across Europe. BYD also reached a milestone of producing 200,000 of its sub-$10,000 Seagull EV in November, and it made sweeping price cuts to 13 of its models in response to Tesla’s price cuts last year.

Click here to see BYD’s full 2023 report, or check out the automaker’s full list of annual reports here.

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BYD had its slowest profit growth in two years in Q4
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