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Chevy issues stop sale order for Blazer EV to address software issues

Credit: GM

Chevrolet has temporarily halted deliveries of the 2024 Blazer EV to address software quality issues on the vehicle. Issued last week, the stop-sale order applies to both in-transit and on-lot vehicles, though the automaker did not specify the exact number of affected units.

Chevrolet highlighted that the issue affects a” limited number” of Blazer EV units. Chevy also noted that its engineers are working on a solution for the electric vehicle’s software issues, which include faults with the Blazer EV’s infotainment system and public DC fast charging functionality in some cases.

In a comment to Automotive News, Scott Bell, Vice President of global Chevrolet, noted that the decision to halt the sales of the Blazer EV was made to prioritize customer satisfaction. 

“We’re aware that a limited number of customers have experienced software-related quality issues with their Blazer EV. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and as such, we will take a brief pause on new deliveries,” Bell noted. Customers who have already taken delivery of their Blazer EVs can expect to be contacted by their dealerships, which will provide their vehicles with the necessary software update. 

The Chevy Blazer EV was launched this summer to much optimism. Priced at about $60,215 for its RS trim, the Blazer EV was expected to be a rival to the Tesla Model Y and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The vehicle was even promoted in the box office hit Barbie movie, where it was involved in a high-speed car chase. 

As of late, however, auto reviewers have shared complaints about the Chevy Blazer EV. Automotive review firm Edmunds recently noted that it had experienced 23 separate issues with the Blazer EV it had acquired for its long-term fleet. The firm noted that the Blazer EV had been in the dealership for several weeks to fix “the single longest list of major faults we at Edmunds have ever seen on a new car.” 

InsideEVs also reported that one of its writers who was supposed to be performing a weeklong test with the Blazer EV ended up being stranded due to malfunctions in the car just 28 hours into the journey during what should have been a routine stop at an Electrify America station. In response to the incident, GM issued the following response. 

“We have found that there are current fluctuations across public DC fast chargers, with a small number which can exhibit more than others. When fluctuations are more extreme, sensors within the vehicle may see that as a fault and reduce the rate of charging. We have identified the cause and have addressed it in an upcoming software update that will be available soon. To ensure our customers have a seamless experience, our team continues to work diligently with multiple charging companies to ensure compatibility with all our vehicles,” GM noted. 

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Chevy issues stop sale order for Blazer EV to address software issues
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