When drag racing a Tesla Model X P90D, ask for a head start

DragTimes is back this time with their Ludicrous Model X P90D racing a Audi R8 V10 Spyder. But before we even get started, let’s not pretend that this will be an exciting match up. Tesla’s 5,400 lb Ludicrous crossover “SUV” has already spanked a Ferrari F430 in a test of acceleration and lining it up this time against a 3,800 lb (1,700 kg) Audi … well … you can probably predict the outcome.

The race itself isn’t all that entertaining but where it gets interesting is the second race. The first drag race saw the Model X disappear into the distance as it crosses the 1/4 mile marker at 11.902 seconds with a trap speed of 111.90 mph, far from previous outings where the electric crossover raced to a 11.6 @ 116 mph finish. As DragTimes suggests in the video, the slower time was due to a low state of charge (SOC) on the battery.

But despite the 55% SOC, yet the Audi ran it’s best pass of the night, the Model X is asked to come back for a rematch, however with a kicker. “Wait ’til he goes and then go, so it’s a closer race”, says a man to the Model X driver which leads to Round 2 of the race.


Feature photo courtesy of DragTimes
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