Electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica expands to new markets

Credit: Energica Motors

An electric motorcycle manufacturer, Energica, will now expand to Japan and Australia thanks to a partnership with Ideanomics.

Energica Motors is a leader in the electric motorcycle market. Thanks to capital supplied to them via a recent investment from Ideanomics – an investment firm focused on growing EV adoption – the Italian company has been allowed to expand. Specifically, Energica will expand to two massive markets; Australia and Japan.

According to the press release from Energica today, the company will begin to deliver bikes to the two countries in Q1 2023, and they will be initially selling three of their four models; the Energica Ego sportbike, the EsseEsse9+ naked bike, and the Eva Ribelle hyper naked. Energica’s newest mode, the Experia touring bike, will be available for order shortly after.

As pointed out by the Italian brand, Australia and Japan are vital markets for Energica to enter to grow its overall market share. Japan, in particular, already has a vast market of over 10 million two-wheeled vehicles registered in the country and a rich history of producing some of the most prolific motorcycles in the world from brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and the world’s biggest motorcycle maker; Honda.

Japan’s long history of motorcycle racing was another factor that attracted Energica to the country. “Japan is a key market for us. Energica’s presence in Japan was sealed in August at the eight-hour Suzuka Circuit, where our bikes were acclaimed for their performance during the numerous test laps at this prestigious and world-renowned endurance race,” says Livia Cevolini, Energica Motor Company CEO.

While perhaps not as significant of a market, Australia has seen a rapidly growing demand for motorcycles overall, as well as a concerted effort to electrify its vehicles. Both factors make it a key market for Energica to enter.

This multi-national expansion is far from Energica’s only expansion effort this year. In Q4 alone, the company has added 130 new “sales points,” including dealerships and importers worldwide. Each of these achievements is cited by Energica’s parent company Ideanomics regarding how the company will increase revenue and value overall.

“Ideanomics has committed to extending Energica’s footprint across the globe,” says Robin Mackie, Ideanomics Mobility CEO. “This new market entry into Japan and Australia will contribute to what we anticipate a strong fourth quarter and long-term consistent revenue growth.”

With legacy motorcycle manufacturers also coming to realize that the age of the ICE vehicle is coming to an end, the prospect of a successful electric motorcycle brand such as Energica is exciting and encouraging. Hopefully, it can show legacy brands that this is not the end of motorcycles as we know them.

The three motorcycles coming to Japan and Australia are seen in Energica’s most recent promo published on its Youtube page:

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Electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica expands to new markets
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