Elon Musk will award 10 hat buyers with tour of LA tunnel and ride on boring machine

Ten lucky buyers of Elon Musk’s The Boring Company hat will be rewarded for having a great sense of head fashion. No stranger to invoking a little fun on Twitter through wit and humor, Musk tweeted that the reward for ten “hat aficionados”, picked at random, will be given a rare opportunity to tour the underground tunnel that “GoDot” is digging beneath a section of Los Angeles.

“10 hat aficionados, in appreciation for their exquisite taste in millinery, will be picked at random to tour the LA tunnel & drive boring machine” said Musk in his tweet.

In addition to being able to bear witness to progress being made on Musk’s futuristic, underground transportation system, wherein vehicles and people are lowered into the ground from street-side elevators, and then transported at high speed on “electric skates”, the winners will also have the chance to operate Musk’s tunneling machine.

A similar prize was awarded to Tesla Model S, X owners that met a minimum threshold for referred vehicle sales through Tesla’s referral program.

The serial tech entrepreneur and famed “Hat Salesman” has good reason to hawk the one-size-fits-all-turned-limited-edition baseball cap that’s adorned with The Boring Company logo. With ambitious plans to extend its tunnel-digging project well into the heart of Los Angeles, the company will need serious capital to complete a proposed route that will connect LAX airport with the San Fernando valley in Southern California.

The Boring Company raised $300k in an “Initial Hat Offering”, or IHO, back in October after selling 15,000 hats at $20 each. Six week after, Musk took to Twitter to announce that the hat would no longer be sold, thereby becoming a limited edition, after 50,000 units were sold. Selling 50,000 company branded hats would effectively raise $1 million in cash for Musk in a short span of two months, making him arguably the best hat salesman in our time.

The Boring company published a map of a “Phase 1” 6.5-mile tunnel that will connect an area near SpaceX to nearby Culver City, and a “Phase 2” route that will extend well into the outskirts of Los Angeles county.

Here’s a published map of The Boring Company’s Los Angeles tunnel route.


Elon Musk will award 10 hat buyers with tour of LA tunnel and ride on boring machine
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