Nikola and ChargePoint expand U.S. EV charging infrastructure in strategic partnership

Credit: Nikola

Nikola Corp. and ChargePoint announced a partnership to expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United States on Tuesday.

The partnership is set to expand Nikola customers’ access to compatible EV charging points by opening up ChargePoint locations to vehicle owners. Nikola customers will have full access to ChargePoint’s full suite of advanced software solutions, including charge management, range forecasting, and streamlined delivery route and schedule planning, simplifying the management of fleet operations, the automaker said. ChargePoint’s software will provide owners with real-time feedback regarding fleet utilization to help prevent breakdowns and keep maintenance costs low.

“By having complete access to the entire ChargePoint product line to support all aspects of the Nikola business model, our Sales and Service Dealer Network will be able to reduce the time required to design, procure and construct both small- and large-scale charging infrastructure projects for our customers,” Nikola’s commercial division president Pablo Koziner said. “This partnership enhances our ability to provide a customer-focused charging solution at the right time, at the right place, and for the right price.”

While Nikola has rebounded from a tough few years by launching production and deliveries of its all-electric Tre semi-truck, ChargePoint has been involved in another side of EV development. As the United States continues its love affair with electric vehicles, charging infrastructure is the one thing that has lacked for consumers. The White House and Biden Administration have set aside billions to expand the EV charging infrastructure, resulting in all 50 states receiving funding for future projects.

EV charging to receive $7.5 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: White House

However, commercial applications for electric vehicles are also in need of attention. While consumers are ditching gas cars for EVs, so are companies, big and small, and large orders for electric cars to be used in commercial applications are becoming more frequent. Automakers are prepared to supply these companies with the vehicles they ordered, but dealing with the maintenance and fleet management for EVs is another issue in itself.

ChargePoint’s software program could help avoid catastrophic issues in the early days of large EV fleets. EVs are nearly comparable to smartphones, relying on high-tech and complex software to operate efficiently. Without sufficient programs set in place for companies with fleets, issues not identified sooner rather than later could be catastrophic, especially in today’s market conditions.

“Making electrification easy helps fleets focus on their core business operations while easily adopting new technology,” ChargePoint’s Rich Mohr said. “ChargePoint is committed to supporting OEMs, dealers, and fleets with the right tools to adopt and transition to EV transportation without disrupting their core operation.”

This month, Nikola anticipates delivery of ChargePoint E-skids, ChargePoint’s rapid deployment DC fast charging solution.

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Nikola and ChargePoint expand U.S. EV charging infrastructure in strategic partnership
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