EV owners noticing accelerated tire wear and tear: J.D. Power

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A new study shows that electric vehicle (EV) owners notice their tires wearing out more quickly than gas counterparts, although many have similar expectations about tire longevity as compared to those of internal combustion engine (ICE) owners.

In a study released by J.D. Power on Monday, the organization said that EV and ICE owners have similar expectations for how quickly tires wear out, though owners are reporting their tires on EVs wearing out more quickly. While the maintenance costs of EVs are generally considered far lower than those of ICE vehicles, tires are an exception, sometimes wearing out more quickly on EVs due to them often being heavier and offering higher torque.

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“The widening satisfaction gap between EVs and gas-powered vehicles highlight an opportunity for tire manufacturers and automakers to educate EV owners on the differences in performance,” said Ashley Edgar, J.D. Power Senior Director of Benchmarking and Alternative Mobility.

“Additionally, because of the inherit conflict of maximizing vehicle range and optimizing tire wear for EVs, tire manufacturers and automakers need to work together to overcome the challenge without completely sacrificing tire performance in other areas, especially as the EV market continues to increase.”

The study is intended to provide insight into new-vehicle owners’ satisfaction with tires after using them for one to two years, evaluating five different pieces of criteria: overall satisfaction, tire problems, importance of tire attributes, replacement behavior, as well as recommendations and repurchase intentions.

In addition to surveying EV and ICE owners, the study looks at the longevity of multiple tire brands, ranking Michelin, Goodyear and Continental as the top three tire options, respectively, in the luxury segment. Michelin also ranked first in the performance sport segment, while Falken landed first in the truck-utility segment.

Below you can see a few graphs on tire brand rankings from the J.D. Power Study.

Credit: J.D. Power

Credit: J.D. Power

Credit: J.D. Power

J.D. Power regularly shares data on consumer experience in the automotive market, with the organization in January writing that Mercedes-Benz and Tesla were the top-rated brands for overall customer satisfaction.

The group has also recently detailed customer desires for EV chargers to be improved, with the Tesla Supercharger remaining the top public charging network.

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EV owners noticing accelerated tire wear and tear: J.D. Power
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