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Ford, Audi, VW EV prices collapse on used market during Q1

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The used EV market has dramatically changed during Q1, with top sellers from Ford, Audi, and Volkswagen (VW) seeing their prices collapse.

The used car market of 2022 was an infamous one. Due to supply shortages globally, primarily affecting computer chip production, new vehicle inventories hit record lows, forcing used vehicle prices to record highs. Now, according to new data from iSeeCars, the market has finally begun to cool, with EVs from Ford, Audi, and VW falling precipitously in the first quarter of the year.

The Audi e-tron SUV was the market leader in the difference in price between lightly used and new, with iSeeCars reporting the German SUV’s price dropping by 27.8% when lightly used compared to new. This massive discrepancy results in a $22,757 discount for used EV buyers, who have been flocking to the incredible deal. During Q1, the average lightly used Audi e-tron transaction price plunged to $59,073.

Following its upscale sibling, the lightly used VW ID.4 declined similarly, dropping by 20.4% compared to new, resulting in a $10,048 discount for used buyers. It should be noted that the average used ID.4 transaction was significantly lower than its Audi brother, coming in at just $39,156.

Finally, and perhaps most strangely, Ford’s best-selling EV, the Mustang Mach-E, saw its lightly used price collapse by 21.1% compared to new, resulting in a $13,430 discount for used buyers. The average Mustang Mach-E came in just below the e-tron at $50,086.

Overall, iSeeCars identified a normalization of the market, with 20 separate lightly used models being over 20% cheaper than their new counterparts, though only three models (aforementioned) were 100% electric. This contributed to the lightly used market average, which plummeted from 8.5% over MSRP last year to 8.1% below during Q1 ’23.

Strangely, some models remain hot on the used vehicle market, though none of the 14 used models currently sold over MSRP were electric vehicles. The top vehicle, which retains a 12.3% used price premium, is the Ford Maverick, which has quickly become one of the Blue Oval’s most popular vehicles. Just behind that is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, with a used price premium of 7.9%, and the Mercedes G-Class, with a used price premium of 4.6% over sticker.

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Ford, Audi, VW EV prices collapse on used market during Q1
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