GM initiates “Customer Satisfaction Program” for Hummer EV over battery connector issue

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General Motors has initiated a voluntary recall of sorts for its Hummer EV over a potential battery connector issue on the vehicle. Considering that GM is essentially recalling the vehicle without getting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), however, the veteran automaker is calling the initiative a “Customer Satisfaction Program.” 

As per the automaker, affected Hummer EV units may see their high-voltage connector corrode, resulting in water potentially leaking into the high-voltage battery pack. If this happens, a malfunction light would appear on the all-electric pickup truck’s driver information display alerting operators about the issue. 

GM has not disclosed what hazards the potential battery connector issue could cause, though water seeping into the battery pack may result in a number of problems. The battery pack could get damaged, for example, which would likely result in expensive repair or replacement costs. 

Fortunately, GM already has a fix for the Hummer EV’s potential battery connector issue. As noted in a GM Authority report, certified service technicians would apply more AC Delco RTV Engine Sealant to the all-electric pickup truck’s high-voltage battery connector. This, at least according to the carmaker, should prevent any more water from leaking into the Hummer EV’s battery pack. 

An estimated 424 units of the Hummer EV are expected to be impacted by the battery connector issue. Considering the relatively few units affected and the fact that GM seems intent on nipping the problem in the bud, the veteran automaker deserves some commendation. Proactive recalls are always appreciated as they keep vehicles on the road as safe as possible, after all. 

Electric vehicles are no stranger to recalls. Even veterans such as Tesla end up initiating a number of recalls. Though unlike GM, Tesla’s recalls typically involve the NHTSA. Also unlike GM, a good number of Tesla’s recalls come in the form of over-the-air software updates, which can be addressed without a physical visit to a service center. 

GM, for its part, noted that it would notify affected owners with instructions on how they can make an appointment with their dealer for their Hummer EV’s battery connector fix. Owners who are unsure if their vehicles are affected by the “Customer Satisfaction Program” are advised to get in touch with the company with any questions or concerns. 

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GM initiates “Customer Satisfaction Program” for Hummer EV over battery connector issue
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