GMC announces 2022 Sierra EV as next car in its goal to go green

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General Motors’ GMC brand recently teased its 2022 Sierra EV, the next car in its electric vehicle lineup after the Hummer EV Pickup and the Hummer EV SUV. The Hummer EV pickup’s initial availability was Fall 2021, but deliveries are expected to start this month. Meanwhile, the Hummer EV SUV’s expected availability is early 2023.

GM did not announce an official availability date for the Sierra EV but provided a preview of the electric pickup truck’s “premium exterior lighting sequence.” The short clip of the 2022 Sierra EV reveals GM’s perspective on a “futuristic” electric truck–at least the front end of it anyway. 

The 2022 Sierra EV will launch in the company’s premium Denali trim. For perspective, the ICE 2022 GMC Sierra has a similar trim called the Denali Ultimate, which promises to be the “apex of premium and capable.”

The ICE Sierra Denali Ultimate features more than 40″ of combined digital displays that GMC notes is the most screens in its class. The top-tier trim also features refined Alpine Umber with full-grain leather seats with contrast stitching. Meanwhile, the dashboard is made of open-pore Paldao wood. Topographical map patterns of Mt. Denali’s summit are laser-etched and embossed throughout the leather and wood interior of the pickup. The vehicle also includes Denali Ultimate metal badges on the seatbacks and doors.

The ICE 2022 Sierra Denali Ultimate runs on a 6.2L V8 engine or a 3.0L Duramax Turbo Diesel engine. As for capability features, the fossil-fuel pickup includes GM’s hand-free driver-assistance technology, called Super Cruise, and Adaptive Ride Control. 

Given the 2022 Sierra EV’s unique position to bring GMC’s lineup into the future, it may be packed with better technological innovations than its ICE counterpart, similar to how Ford rolled out several new features for the F-150 Lightning. The Sierra EV will be built on GM’s Ultium Platform and may utilize the automaker’s other new innovations. In general, it would be interesting to see General Motor’s take on a futuristic all-electric pickup. 

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GMC announces 2022 Sierra EV as next car in its goal to go green
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