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Hyundai announces new Hail Mary EV production goal

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Hyundai has announced it aims to become a top three global automaker by 2030, primarily through the production of electric vehicles.

Hyundai and its subsidiary brands Kia and Genesis are top contenders in EV sales in many parts of the world, including in the United States, where the group has consistently ranked as a top three EV seller. Now, Hyundai has set its sights higher, aiming to become a top three global automaker by 2030, primarily fueled by a massive $18.1 billion planned investment in EVs.

The 24 trillion Korean won, or $18.1 billion, investment was announced today as part of a series of announcements from its constituent brands, including the news that it would be constructing an all-new factory to produce electric delivery vans. But by far, its most significant announcement was its global status goal.

Specifically, Hyundai aims to increase its annual production run rate of EVs to 3.64 million vehicles globally by 2030. This will consist of 31 models from its three constituent brands, with most models available in all major markets.

Beyond the obvious investment going into production, Hyundai highlighted its spending on R&D. The Korean auto group will be researching and creating new EV platforms, new vehicles, new “core parts and advanced technologies,” new research facilities, and even vastly improved software creation capabilities.

But to achieve where Hyundai wants to go, it realizes it is highly dependent on its suppliers and has also created a new financial engine to jump-start them. “In particular, [Hyundai] plans to significantly expand support for suppliers to play a leading role in accelerating the electrification transition of the auto parts industry and contribute to the qualitative growth of the Korean auto industry,” the automaker announced. “The Group will share cost burdens with its suppliers on the fluctuation of raw materials and reflect those changes in the prices of goods provided.”

Beyond that, Hyundai will now begin to offer training and low-interest loans to its suppliers, all to help modernize its complete supply chain.

With such robust investments from the Korean automotive group, many analysts and fans alike are optimistic that the brand will weather the EV transition storm and come out the other side more vital than ever. But only time will tell if it can capitalize enough to achieve its overarching goals by the decade’s end.

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Hyundai announces new Hail Mary EV production goal
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