LA Auto Show features what could be a next-gen Tesla Roadster on its 2022 flyer

Los Angeles Auto Show will host unveilings with EVs taking center stage

Los Angeles Auto Show features what could be a next-gen Tesla Roadster on its 2022 flyer

Numerous automakers are expected to unveil new and upcoming models at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month, and electric vehicles will take center stage.

Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Subaru, and Porsche are some of the brands expected to unveil new vehicles at or just before the November 17th Los Angeles Auto Show, also known as the AutoMobility Los Angeles (AMLA) event. While this is nothing new for the historic West Coast car event, electric vehicles are expected to play a more prominent role than ever.

According to L.A. Business First, the Los Angeles Auto Show will host unveilings for upcoming vehicles from Subaru, Hyundai, Fiat, Kia, Genesis, and Vinfast. While Porsche, Volkswagen, and Toyota will unveil new vehicles only days before the event. However, only some of the expected unveilings will likely be electric offerings.

Notably not listed by L.A. Business First is Tesla. Despite rumors about a next-generation Tesla Roadster being a part of the show, as perhaps hinted at by the event’s banner, Tesla has made no indication that such an unveiling will occur.

The Hyundai family of brands (Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis) is most likely to be showing off new electric offerings. All three brands have recently shown off new electric vehicles, including the Hyundai Ioniq 6, the Hyundai Concept 74, and the Kia EV9. It remains unclear if the company has more to show before the end of the year or if they will be introducing vehicles already available for sale elsewhere (Hyundai Ioniq 6).

Porsche is another brand that may be unveiling a new electric vehicle or new trim for the Porsche Taycan. A hot new performance model of the Porsche Taycan, likely a GT variant of some kind, has been spotted at Porsche’s testing facility at the Nuremberg Ring, and rumors of an electric Porsche Macan have been circulating for months. Both of these unveilings could easily help Porsche continue to grow their electric vehicle offerings and also feed ever-demanding fans higher performance tiers of the Taycan.

Sadly, I wouldn’t hold my breath for new electric vehicles from the likes of Subaru, Volkswagen, or Toyota. As reported earlier this week, Toyota has temporarily frozen the development of its new electric vehicles. Subaru has not indicated that they plan to introduce another electric vehicle anytime soon. And Volkswagen has made it imminently clear that, other than the upcoming Volkswagen ID. Buzz and possibly an electric pickup, they have no motivation to start shipping Volkswagen ID.3s or the like to the U.S.

The AMLA event will undoubtedly show off some fantastic vehicles. Still, if it hasn’t become eminently obvious to automakers already, the attention of most consumers is on their upcoming EV models that will define the direction of their brand.

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Los Angeles Auto Show will host unveilings with EVs taking center stage
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