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Lucid recalls 1,117 Air vehicles for wiring harness issue that could affect display

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Lucid Group has issued a recall of 1,117 Air vehicles due to a wiring harness for the left and center displays, as they may interfere with the steering intermediate shaft. The lack of clearance between the two parts could lead to display issues.

“The center and left display wiring harness may not have adequate clearance from the steering intermediate shaft, which could lead to chafing of the harness and loss of display updates,” the recall report from the NHTSA said. Lucid determined that any vehicle manufactured prior to May 4, 2022, could be affected, the documents also state.

Lucid said the Center and Left Display Wiring Harness might not be adequately secured, which could cause the part to come in contact with the steering intermediate shaft. “Lucid has determined that on certain 2022 Lucid Air models, the harness containing the ethernet wiring for the center and left driver displays may not be secured properly. This could result in chafing of the harness due to contact with the steering intermediate shaft,” the recall states.

Lucid estimates that less than 1 percent of the affected vehicles will have non-compliance. The automaker has no evidence of actual non-compliances resulting from this condition at the current time in either customer vehicles or ones Lucid has not yet shipped to customers.

The issue will be remedied by a scheduled inspection at a Lucid facility, and if the vehicle is found to have non-compliance, it will be repaired at no cost to the owner. Technicians will perform a visible inspection of the harnesses to ensure they are installed properly.

To ensure the issue would not affect models currently being manufactured at Lucid’s facility, the automaker said it “implemented a temporary countermeasure to secure the excess harness length for each harness prior to installation in the vehicle at Lucid’s manufacturing plant. Lucid is implementing an engineering change to obtain harness without excess length. Until the engineering change is implemented, Lucid will continue performing the temporary countermeasure.”

It is the second recall in Lucid’s history since it began delivering vehicles in late 2021. The first recall was due to a potential issue with strut dampers, which could have required a replacement.

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Lucid recalls 1,117 Air vehicles for wiring harness issue that could affect display
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