A Model S last mile companion, the Movpak

Getting to the last mile, even with an electric car can be difficult. The Movpak answers that need.

Movpak, a smart addition to an EV We delight in anything Tesla lifestyle related and as such over the months, we found many tools and gadgets to make your Model S and Roadster experience even more positive. One solution we are always on the lookout for is the dreaded last mile. How do you get to your final destination when driving directly is not an option?

Public and public transportation

Public transportation is only going to play a bigger role in the near future as we shift away from polluting energy to cleaner alternatives. The electric vehicle (EV) made quantum advances over the past few years, catching up to gasoline technology. In many ways, the Model S, using nothing more than commodity batteries, rivals the vast majority of gasoline sedans. EVs have done in five years what gasoline technology has done in 50. Still, many can’t drive to their final destination and either have to rely on a public or other form of personal transportation.

We’ve covered folding bikes that fit in the back of your Model S here and even covered a few tricks and tips to get you to that last mile, but one locomotion we haven’t covered yet is… the electric backpack skateboard!

A smart foldable electric backpack skateboard

MovpakElectric skateboards are nothing new, but an one that folds into a backpack deserves a closer look. The Movpak, rightfully named, is an electric skateboard that neatly folds into a backpack. Or if you prefer, it’s a backpack with an electric skateboard that folds up. Either way you look at it, it’s a darn great idea for anyone commuting to cities.

The idea is simple, how do you reach your final destination in a congested city when you drive an EV? Sometimes, the best way is not to drive all the way and take public transportation for the last mile. It can be challenging and our public transportation in the U.S. is still, for the most part, in its infancy. The foldable electric skateboard that turns into a backpack answers many needs. It gives you a backpack storage on wheels you can use to skate anywhere, or simply jump from subway to buses.

Movpak Movpak

With a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) and a range of 9 miles (14 km), the Movpak will get you almost anywhere you need. It’s relatively lightweight at 17 lbs (7,7 Kg), shouldn’t make it difficult to carry around, and its battery takes about 2 hours to charge when depleted.

In many ways, we can see how the Movpak will appeal to many. It makes sense, its design follows modern trends and it answers a real need. How much? The website doesn’t offer much more information yet, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Any skaters out there?


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