NIO EV deliveries increase by 31.2% YOY in April 2023

(Credit: NIO)

 Chinese automaker NIO reported a 31.2% increase in year-over-year (YoY) EV deliveries in the first month of the second quarter. NIO delivered approximately 6,658 vehicles in April 2023, consisting of 1,713 premium smart electric SUVs and 4,945 premium smart electric sedans. 

NIO reported delivering 31,041 vehicles in the first quarter, up 20.5% yoy. As of the end of April, NIO has delivered 37,699 cars year-to-date in 2023, an increase of 22.2% yoy.

The NIO ET5 and ES7 accounted for the majority of deliveries in April. The ET5 is a mid-size electric sedan with two battery options: a 75 kWh unit with an estimated 283 miles of range and a 100 kWh pack with an estimated 366 miles of range, according to WLTP tests.

The ET5 is available in Europe, particularly in Norway, The Netherlands, and Germany. NIO sells the ET5 for €60,000 ($65,924) if customers buy the battery and charge it themselves. The NIO ET5 costs €47,000 ($51,641.72) if customers lease the battery monthly. NIO’s battery leases come with unlimited free swaps. 

Meanwhile, the NIO ES7 is the Chinese automaker’s 5-seat mid-size luxury SUV. NIO changed the name of the ES7 to EL7 in the European market. In February 2023, it started selling in The Netherlands. The EL7 will be sold in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The premium sedan has three battery pack options: 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 150 kWh pack. The battery packs offer an estimated WLTP range between 245 miles to 319 miles. 

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NIO EV deliveries increase by 31.2% YOY in April 2023
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