The Original Tesla Model S Leather Key Fob Holder

For the last year and a half I’ve kept my Model S key inside a fabric USB holder. It works just fine in preventing scratches as well as not adding bulk so it fits nicely in my pocket. But the cheapness of the solution does not match the sleekness and quality of the key provided by Tesla.

Yesterday I got a hold of the Rustic Leather FobPocket from Abstract Ocean. The FobPocket is a leather sleeve for your Model S key. As soon as I opened the shipping envelope I knew this would be something different. It comes in a black box which evokes the emotion of jewelry. The product name and company logo are indented on the top in silver; a classic touch. When you open the box the Fob is nestled in red satin, again, as if it was made for a precious stone. Packaging is so often overlooked, but not in this case. A lot of thought went into creating a fitting delivery system for the FobPocket.

Rustic Leather Tesla Model S Key Fob Holder

Tesla Model S Leather Key Fob Holder

The FobPocket is leather with an even all around tan and finished in rustic, distressed style. It looks like it will age wonderfully and reveal character over time. There is no information about the leather in the package so I visited their web site which states it’s “premium” leather.

As you handle the FobPocket you notice the attention to detail. The stitching is even, quite thread-good and runs fully around the outline of the sleeve. They also stitch in the leather loop that holds the silver key ring. Abstract Ocean says it’s hand-stitched but I couldn’t find any information about where it is made.The ring is flat, not round, which makes it a bit harder to load in keys and adds unnecessary weight to the item. I will replace it will a much smaller, lighter round ring.

Rustic Leather Tesla Model S Key Fob HolderThe inside of the FobPocket is lined with black satin, which allows your key to easily enter the sleeve. Insert your key with the frunk end (Tesla logo) first. There is a flap that encloses the open end and fastens with a substantial snap. No velcro here.

The top of the FobPocket sports the classic profile of the Model S, heat-embossed into the leather. A subtle reminder that you are holding the key to one of the best cars every manufactured.

I only carry one real world key with me, as all the locks on my home are keyed to the same notches, so I’m adding almost nothing to the overall weight of the FobPocket. It’s definitely heavier and more sizable than the fabric USB holder and the snap adds some bulk, but overall I’m fine with it in my front right pants pocket. I found no issues operating the Model S key switches. Certainly the leather requires a bit more pressure, but that helps prevent accidental activation.

Rustic Leather Tesla Model S Key Fob Holder  Rustic Leather Tesla Model S Key Fob Holder Rustic Leather Tesla Model S Key Fob Holder

There is also a smartly concealed compartment inside the FobPocket to store an extra battery. This is a very clever feature and one I will definitely use. I change the battery in my Model S keys each time I spring ahead or fall back. I know it’s a bit neurotic, but I’m confident my key will never fail me.

When we think Tesla, we often think high tech, which is normal. The FobPocket is a low tech, classic and genuine accessory that fits directly into the Teslarati lifestyle. You own a car with the coolest key around. Why not give it a fitting home. At $25.99, I would not hesitate to gift it and will likely do so this holiday season. The rustic qualities of the FobPocket makes it best suited as a gift for Model S owners.

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