EVannex Pays Artistic Tribute to the Tesla Model S

Art imitates life in the magnificent limited edition 1/12th scale Tesla Model S Sculpture by EVannex

When we first got wind that Roger Pressman, founder of EVannex and early adopter of the Model S (VIN #184), was working on a laser cut sculpture of the Tesla Model S, our minds immediately filled with grandiose visions of white doves taking flight as a laser silhouette of a Tesla Model S forms in slow motion.  Little did we know that it would be even better than that.

After hearing the news about the soon-to-be Tesla Model S Sculpture, our first reaction was to call and beg EVannex for a pre-production sample for evaluation.  However as we sat and contemplated our future in front of our trusty Macbooks while nursing our dying RedBull buzz, reality finally set in and brought us back to a more lucid and tactful state of mind – so we called EVannex and begged them for one.  They obliged.

Driving the Future – The Tesla Model S Sculpture

The story behind the Tesla Model S Sculpture is an inspiring one.  Roger, an engineer by trade, wanted to celebrate his first full year of owning the Model S by creating a sculpture that really captures the essence of driving a Model S called Driving the Future.  In Roger’s words:

“I began with a 3-D solid model, sliced it digitally, and then laser cut each slice to form a sculpture. Driving the Future is not a model car—it’s a 1/12 scale interpretation that captures the essence of the Model S and is intended for display in your office or home. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the world’s first original artistic tribute to the Tesla Model S.”

The sculpture is absolutely stunning to look at in person and we feel that the pictures don’t really do it full justice so we’ll go ahead and outline some details that may not necessarily come across in their promo copy.

Engineering Details

The art sculpture for one is 1/12th the size of a real Tesla Model S so chances are it’s probably much larger than you would imagine it to be.  It’s a solid 12 pounds of intricate elegance that sits on a very sturdy base. Each “slice” that the sculpture is comprised of, is laser cut from professional art-grade acrylic and hand assembled, piece-by-piece, until it forms the shape of a Tesla Model S.  From the swooping hood lines, to the sexy flared rear fender, every detail of the vehicle has been captured – even the lug nut holes have been accounted for!

We couldn’t even begin to  fathom the number of hours it took to manufacture and hand assemble the 91 intricate pieces together. See for yourself through this 360° view of the Tesla Model S sculpture.

Limited Edition – Collector’s Item

EVannex will only be making 250 units.  Each Tesla Model S Sculpture is being offered for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will include a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Tesla Model S Sculpture

[Image source: EVannex]

This unique piece will certainly make for an excellent Holiday Season gift.  Act now and  be one of the very few Model S owners to own the Driving the Future sculpture. Want to learn more?  Check out the Tesla Model S Sculpture FAQ for more info.




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