[Podcast] Model 3 solar roof, renting out your Tesla, SpaceX, and more

Show description:

The guys do their best to get all of the bad news out of the way quickly this week, so they can move on to the good stuff. Unfortunately with the recent announcement of Myron Ebell heading the EPA transition team, the vandalized Supercharger incident in Barstow, and the disinformation campaigns about Elon Musk, it takes a little longer than planned. However, they eventually get into the news that Tesla is now in New Zealand, Vermont has a little company, Dynapower, making inverters which are increasingly being used to tie batteries to the grid, the Model 3 and a solar roof, start-up Turo renting out Teslas, and Space X back on track, with another 112 million dollar contract! They manage to squeeze some fun out of this, our longest episode to date.

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