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Tesla offers six months’ free Supercharging for Model 3/Y buyers

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Tesla has announced its latest round of free Supercharging, this time going to buyers of either the Model 3 sedan or the Model Y SUV located in North America.

On Friday, Tesla said in a post on X that Model 3 and Y buyers can now get six months of free Supercharging when using a valid referral link and taking delivery before December 31. The post was made from Tesla’s North America account on X and included a link to the automaker’s website.

Tesla regularly offers added discounts or incentive programs to help boost sales heading into the end of the year or specific quarter ends. For example, Tesla announced discounts of up to $7,500 on inventory Model 3 and Y units last December, along with offering as many as 10,000 miles of Supercharging credits for those who took delivery within the eligible timeframe.

The automaker has also made its Superchargers free on some other occasions, including when it offered free charging for Model 3 inventory buyers in North America in June, likely to boost sales before the quarter’s end. The company has also provided free Supercharging in conflict-affected regions, as it did last month in Israel and last year in areas surrounding Ukraine.

The offer comes after Tesla reported a slight miss on Wall Street delivery estimates in Q3, though the automaker maintained its goal of selling 1.8 million units for 2023. That means Tesla would need to deliver nearly 500,000 units this quarter to reach the target, which would be an outperformance of its all-time high of 466,140 cars delivered in Q2.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also predicted sales would drop in Q3 during the second-quarter earnings call, highlighting production upgrades causing temporary factory shutdowns.

It also comes after Tesla surpassed 2,000 active Supercharger stations in the U.S. alone last month and after the automaker has begun deploying its V4 Superchargers in the country in the past few months.

On Tesla’s website, the company currently says that reductions to the federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit are likely for some models in 2024, adding that buyers should take delivery by the end of the year to ensure the full $7,500 is available. The note comes ahead of the U.S. government’s shift of the EV tax credit program for 2024, in which buyers will gain instant access to the credits upon purchase rather than having to wait until tax season.

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Tesla offers six months’ free Supercharging for Model 3/Y buyers
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