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Porsche Taycan shows emerging leadership in new drag race videos

Credit: Porsche

A set of new drag race videos show that the Porsche Taycan is quickly gaining ground as a leader in the performance segment.

The Porsche Taycan, much like many other Porsche offerings, has quickly emerged as a leader in the electric performance car segment, specifically for those looking for some of the best handling available. Further, thanks to Porsche’s dedication to the platform and an increasing number of variants, the Taycan is now challenging its competitor’s straight-line speed as well.

Showing off this growth in performance capabilities, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, the car’s fastest variant currently available, appeared in a set of videos published on YouTube by carwow. The videos pitted the Taycan against the Lucid Air, Mercedes EQE AMG Sedan, and the BMW i7.

In the first video, the Porsche immediately appears as the clear leader in performance, despite being down on power compared to its Mercedes counterpart. Moreover, the Taycan’s higher top speed, enabled by a unique 2-speed gearbox, quickly comes to its aid, allowing it to pass its German sport sedan competition at higher speeds.

The second video shows a slightly different story, where the same Porsche Taycan Turbo S takes on the Lucid Air.

Unlike in the first video, the Porsche takes the advantage off the line, whereas the Lucid moves on its German competitor as the vehicles reach above 100mph. However, despite this late race advantage, the Porsche still handily wins the quarter mile sprint, despite its lower price tag.

Looking to the future, many analysts and car-spotting enthusiasts believe that Porsche is far from done competing in the horsepower wars. A new higher-output Taycan has already been spotted doing laps at Porsche’s favorite testing site, the Nürburgring. And with growing competition from numerous other European sports car legends, the Stuttgart-based sportscar maker could be due to release this performance monster sooner rather than later.

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Porsche Taycan shows emerging leadership in new drag race videos
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