RebelRoam cofounder tests Starlink on a yacht & said service was "surprisingly good"

RebelRoam cofounder tests Starlink on a yacht & said service was “surprisingly good”

Credit: SpaceX

RebelRoam cofounder Tarvo Topolev put his new Starlink equipment to the test sailing around the Greek islands, Business Insider reported. RebelRoam provides passenger WiFi on public transportation. Topolev told Insider that he ordered Starlink in July and received the kit a week later. He bought Starlink’s RV package because RebelRoam wanted to test its services in various locations.

A total of nine employees including Topolev took the Starlink kit to Athens then took a yacht, attached the Starlink dish to a pole, and traveled throughout the Greek islands. They tested the network for a week near Kea, Mykonos, Syros, and Kythnos.

Topolev said that the network suffered outages when it was nearby other boats’ masts or when the yacht made sharp turns. But the network worked well at sea when the cellular connectivity dropped out after the boat was far from shore.

“It was surprisingly good,” he told Insider. “There were some outages and sometimes we had to manually reboot it … but basically it worked … almost all the time.”

“We see it’s a very good solution because big cruise ships are using geostationary satellites, which have a huge latency and it’s ridiculously expensive for the speeds that they’re getting.”

RebelRoam plans to continue testing Starlink to see how well it will work for its customers. Topolev said that Starlink had a good business case and noted that it would be used frequently. “Especially in areas where there is no other ways to have connectivity.”

Although it’s a different Starlink product, Royal Caribbean recently announced that it will deploy Starlink on all of its cruise lines. Starlink has a Maritime product where it provides oceangoing vessels with up to 350 Mbps download while at sea.

SpaceX and T-Mobile also announced a partnership where the two will enable T-Mobile phones to have connectivity in the most remote places. This, I assume, would also include out at sea.

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RebelRoam cofounder tests Starlink on a yacht & said service was “surprisingly good”
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