Retractable Tesla UMC Roof Mount


Tesla Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) charging module dangling from a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

There’s basically three options when it comes to plugging in and securing your Tesla Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) to a wall socket. You can either rest it on the floor if you’re one of the lucky few that had the foresight to install a dedicated charge outlet closer to the ground, or you took it upon yourself to build your own UMC wall mount. The third, and arguably the worst, option is to have the heavy charging module dangle on its own weight from the outlet. This not only introduces unnecessary strain on the connection between UMC and charge outlet, but is also a messy alternative as there’s no cord management in place.


One Tesla owner decided to introduce a fourth option by creating their own retractable Tesla UMC roof mounted apparatus made from repurposed baby stroller wheels and a retractable spring balancer. The video shows the ease in which the UMC cord can be accessed but also neatly tucked away (and out of harm’s way) when not in use.

Tesla-Roof-Mounted-UMC-Charger-Components Tesla-Roof-Mounted-UMC-Charger-Pulley

It looks like an ingenious solution to us! Anyone care to make one at home and let us know how it works out?

Retractable Tesla UMC Roof Mount
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