Rivian notifies R1T preorder holders of coming deliveries

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian has begun notifying R1T reservation holders of the anticipated June 2021 first deliveries for its all-electric pickup truck.

In a new company communication to reservation holders, Rivian outlined its appreciation for the patience that many future R1T owners have displayed in the past year. “As we’ve been building our vehicles and support services in preparation for deliveries this June, you’ve been patiently waiting. We can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us and allowing us the time to get the details right,” the company said.

With initial deliveries of the R1T all-electric pickup originally scheduled for late 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, halted any construction to the company’s Normal, Illinois, production facility from taking place. Instead, a skeleton crew of just 11 essential workers was put into place at the plant, responsible for implementing basic and necessary utilities into the new facility, such as plumbing.

Now, Rivian is preparing owners to take possession of the first builds of its initial vehicle release. The R1T owners will not be thrown to the wolves in their first months as Rivian owners, as the automaker also introduced a new program known as “Rivian Guides” in the email to reservation holders.

“As a preorder holder — and soon-to-be owner — you will be paired with a dedicated Rivian Guide who will serve as your single point of contact from the moment your vehicle enters our production queue and for as long as you own your Rivian. Any questions you have, you can call, text or email your Guide,” the company said.

The guides are responsible for making the transition to owning a Rivian vehicle as seamless as possible. Whether owners are familiar with driving electric cars, or this will be their first experience with a battery-powered powertrain, nobody will be left to feel overwhelmed with the new vehicle that they have in front of them. Every Rivian preorder holder will be paired with a dedicated Rivian Guide who will serve as the point of contact for the entire ownership experience of the vehicle. “They are your direct line to all things Rivian,” the memo said, indicating that the Rivian guide will be with the vehicle owner for life.

Credit: Rivian

Whatever the concern, Rivian is sure that the personalized guide will have the correct knowledge to take care of it. “Right now, our Guides are going through rigorous product and systems training, spending hours preparing and collaborating with practically every department across the company.” Upon initial contact with the Rivian Guide, which will occur in May, Launch Edition preorder holders will be contacted first. It will involve a one-on-one introduction process and a finalizing of the order process. Reservation holders will be able to modify their vehicle configurations and schedule their delivery times.

Rivian has only three months until the first deliveries will begin. The company is currently putting the finishing touches on the production lines at the Normal, Illinois, production plant, with plenty of plans for expansion as it will gear up for the R1S all-electric SUV’s production and deliveries soon after. Recently acquired documents show that Rivian is building significant projects in the areas immediately surrounding the Normal plant, indicating the company is ready for a full-fledged production push of its electric vehicles in 2021, ready to enter a highly-competitive and quickly growing market.

Rivian’s manufacturing plant moves closer to full-scale production, documents show

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Rivian notifies R1T preorder holders of coming deliveries
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