Rivian prepares to ramp production for R1T deliveries this summer

(Credit: RJ Scaringe)

Rivian seems set to begin ramping the production of its R1T pickup truck as it heads towards its intended summer deliveries. Recently, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe gave the public a sneak peek at what seems to be the R1T’s production. 

Over the weekend, Scaringe shared a photo of numerous R1T body panels lined up neatly in rows, ready for assembly. Rivian informed Teslarati that the R1T assembly lines are ready for production. Now, the company is finishing up with employee training builds. Rivian also stated that customer deliveries would begin by this summer.

“The lines are in; we’re completing employee training builds. We begin customer deliveries this summer,” Rivian stated in an email. 

Previously, Rivian informed Teslarati that it has already started contacting reservation holders with updates about their delivery time. “Our focus is on providing a seamless ownership experience, from purchase to delivery and beyond,” said a Rivian comms person. 

Rivian is hiring Field Specialists to ensure touchless deliveries and help new owners familiarize themselves with their electric R1T pickup truck. A Rivian forum member also learned from the company’s customer service portal that vehicles will be delivered with 80% to 90% of charge. Furthermore, Rivian recently submitted a resolution to the Normal, Il Town Council that included a proposal for a 60,000 sq. ft charging canopy for vehicles fresh from the production line. 

The charging canopy and Rivian’s proposal for two additional buildings in its 510-acre property in Normal reveal how much the EV automaker plans to expand and grow after R1T deliveries start. Recent Rivian developments suggest that the EV automaker is thinking of every detail to ensure deliveries are smooth.

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Rivian prepares to ramp production for R1T deliveries this summer
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