Rivian Snow Mode increases safety on wintery road conditions—while keeping you warm

Rivian Snow Mode is perfect for winter driving. The new drive mode was made to tackle snow, slush, and ice on roads, keeping passengers safe and warm. 

With Snow Mode, Rivian softened the car’s pedal response, resulting in smooth acceleration. The new drive mode has a unique “Low” default Brake Regeneration setting. Rivian also improved the transition to its cars’ Auto Hold feature, allowing for more control while on slippery roads. 

Snow Mode will increase driver and passenger safety during the winter. According to Prince Law Firm, more accidents will likely occur during adverse winter weather. Snow, slush, and ice decrease road traction, which sometimes results in drivers losing control of their vehicles. Winter weather conditions also make steering and braking more challenging for drivers. 

“While our All-Purpose drive mode and 20-inch All-Terrain tires* are still capable of handling a variety of winter road conditions, Snow mode was developed specifically for those who want a little more driver-focused control,” noted the EV automaker.

Rivian seems aware of drivers’ challenges during snowy, slushy, icy roads. However, it does note that Snow Mode is made for roads and highways. Rivian advises that drivers use Off-Road All-Terrain drive mode for off-road driving during winter conditions.

Rivian didn’t just stop at Snow Mode, though. It wanted to keep R1T/R1S drivers and passengers both safe and warm this winter. Aside from Snow Mode, Rivian also rolled out new warming options for the R1 cabin. Now, drivers can remotely defrost or de-ice their windows and mirrors through the Rivian mobile app. They can also individually turn on the seats and the steering wheel heating.

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Rivian Snow Mode increases safety on wintery road conditions—while keeping you warm
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