Tesla cyber roundup 2022

Tesla Cyber Roundup will be live streamed

The Tesla Cyber Roundup will be live streamed. Tesla shared the live stream link for the 2022 Annual Tesla Shareholder Meeting today. Also known as the Cyber Roundup, the event is packed with fun for shareholders that were selected to attend in person via a random drawing.

Teslarati will hold a live blog for tonite’s meeting so be sure to stay tuned for our link.

Tesla shareholders arrive at the Cyber Roundup

Tesla shareholders are already arriving at the Tesla Cyber Roundup event and we’ve obtained some great photos from Will Sellers, a member of the Louisiana Tesla Owners and Dreamers Facebook group.

Will was one of the randomly selected shareholders who got to attend and you can view the photos he sent us here.

Top Questions shareholders want answered at Tesla Cyber Roundup

Yesterday we compiled a top 15 and then later a top 10 of the questions that Tesla shareholders want answered. Tesla shareholders submitted their questions via Say.com and upvoted the ones they felt were the most important.

You can read the top 15 here and the top 10 here.

Tesla Stock Split Proposal

On tonight’s agenda for the meeting are several proposals for governance-related items. In addition, another much hotter topic is on the agenda and that is the Tesla 3:1 stock split proposal.

If Tesla shareholders vote yes, then this will be the second time the world’s most valuable automaker’s stock has been split.

Shareholders will also vote on the board’s proposals to reduce the term of its directors down to two years from three. Up for reelection are Ira Ehrenpreis and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson.


Disclaimer: Johnna is long Tesla. 

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Tesla Cyber Roundup will be live streamed
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