Tesla Cybertruck tour is officially heading to Japan

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck has been making waves in its recent appearances around China, and now the automaker says it’s planning to send the vehicle on its next tour in Japan.

Tesla Japan announced the news on Tuesday on X, featuring a teaser video showing the vehicle as it’s unloaded from a plane and delivered to a display warehouse. The video ends with the words, “Japan, see you soon,” and Tesla has also included a link for residents of the country to submit where they would like to see the Cybertruck.

Residents can submit where they would like the Cybertruck tour in Japan to go between now and February 29, simply by filling out a contact form on the link posted, which leads to the company’s events site.

The news comes after Tesla launched a Cybertruck tour in China last week, just weeks after CEO Elon Musk said that, while getting the vehicle road-legal in the country would be tough, the automaker could ship some display models over. Just a little over a week later, the Cybertrucks were seen being unloaded in the country, before Tesla simultaneously launched displays in eight major cities across mainland China.

Since then, some have speculated that the Cybertruck could also hit Germany and maybe other parts of Europe in the coming months, despite the aforementioned difficulty in making it road-legal in the countries or China.

Tesla stopped accepting Cybertruck orders in China and Europe in 2022, and many point to strict pedestrian safety regulations in the regions that may not allow the vehicle to be driven on their roads. While Musk didn’t detail in his original January post why Cybertruck legality in China would be so difficult, Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering recently shared at least one hint, specifically regarding the extent of the pickup’s protruding edges:

“One, the truck market in the US is huge and two, European regulations call for a 3.2mm external radius on external projections,” Moravy told Top Gear. “Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make a 3.2mm radius on a 1.4mm sheet of stainless steel.”

Japan may be similar regulation-wise, but if the crowds surrounding Cybertruck displays in China or the U.S. are any indication, Tesla fans in that country and others will be happy enough to at least see the unique electric pickup in person.

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Tesla Cybertruck tour is officially heading to Japan
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