Tesla FSD visualizations poised for rollout on non-FSD Beta cars next month

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Tesla Full Self Driving visualizations are coming to non-FSD vehicles soon, as per recent comments by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. According to the CEO, the option to activate FSD visualizations may be rolled out to drivers in areas such as Europe around next month. 

Musk’s comments came as a response to a question from Tesla owner @ElectricRaph, who inquired if the noted Full Self Driving graphics enjoyed by the company’s FSD Beta testers would also be made available to non-testers in other territories. Musk was quite welcoming of the idea, stating that such an option would likely be rolled out in the near future. 

“Good point, we could enable visualization before control. Will enable that option hopefully next month,” Musk said. 

The CEO’s recent statements make quite a lot of sense, especially considering that Tesla is likely looking to increase the rate of FSD adoption among its customers. Showing drivers how their cars are seeing the road ahead would likely help encourage more owners to at least try out FSD, even for just a few months through a monthly subscription. 

Tesla’s most advanced FSD visualizations have so far been limited to members of the company’s exclusive group of ~2,000 testers. And since the start of the FSD Beta program last October, Tesla has rolled out some improvements to its testers’ Full Self-Driving visualizations. 

With the release of FSD Beta 9, for example, Tesla introduced a “mind of car” view that showed images being detected by a car’s suite of cameras. This view was a lot more refined than the raw visuals adopted in FSD Beta vehicles prior to the V9 update. Interestingly enough, Musk mentioned then that the updated UI and visuals should be rolled out to more vehicles as FSD sees a wider release. 

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Tesla FSD visualizations poised for rollout on non-FSD Beta cars next month
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