Tesla to start Giga Berlin hiring in January with 7,000 jobs: report

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla will begin filling Giga Berlin’s employment sheet as early as January 2021, with 7,000 people being hired by the electric automaker to prepare for the first production push, a new report states.

German media outlet LR Online stated that Tesla is prepared to hire 7,000 people for the German production facility ahead of the planned Summer 2021 manufacturing kickoff. With construction well underway and buildings already being close to complete, it is time for Tesla to begin filling the facility with workers to prepare for a massive EV manufacturing effort in Europe.

According to the Frankfurt Employment Agency, 200 people have already been hired and placed within Giga Berlin’s warehouse. Other positions that have already been filled are engineering jobs, which CEO Elon Musk announced that he would personally tend to in a Tweet earlier this month.

The European market holds significant upside potential for the U.S.-based automaker, as EVs are widely popular on the continent. However, Tesla has been importing vehicles from both the Fremont factory in Northern California and Giga Shanghai in China to fulfill demand needs in Europe.

It appears that Tesla will be hiring for Giga Berlin in a set of employment waves. The first wave will see 7,000 jobs be filled, and the Frankfurt Employment Agency has announced that applications will begin being accepted in December 2020. The starting monthly salary is set to be €2,700, or around $3,200.

While most employment opportunities will be manufacturing and production-based jobs, Tesla is planning to bring on a team of 25 dedicated engineers to resolve some of the toughest and most challenging issues related to the manufacturing processes of the cars at the plant. This was outlined in a posting from a Giga Berlin engineer earlier this month, who revealed that the 25 guns email address was related to the “dream team” that the automaker plans to build for these specific issues.

Giga Berlin’s early hiring processes could hint toward Tesla’s rumors of beginning the production process earlier than expected. Some European pre-orderers have stated that the automaker had contacted them and communicated that they should prepare for delivery in Q1 or Q2 2021. However, as of now, Tesla still states that the first production lines will begin operation in July 2021.

Tesla to start Giga Berlin hiring in January with 7,000 jobs: report
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