Tesla highlights Giga Shanghai automation and production cycle time

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At Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, the use of automation has helped the automaker reach impressive production cycle times, as recently noted by the company’s manufacturing page.

On Friday, the Tesla Manufacturing page shared a short video on X, highlighting the fact that Giga Shanghai operates with 95 percent automation, which allows the plant to complete a vehicle in just 39.62 seconds. The post also points out that Giga Shanghai built its first million cars in two and a half years, while the second million took just 12 months.

You can watch the 45-second clip below, featuring shots from around Giga Shanghai from logistics to casting, stamping, general assembly and more.

Tesla currently produces the Model Y SUV and its updated Model 3 sedan at the Gigafactory, and the automaker celebrated reaching a milestone of two million vehicles produced in September.

It was reported last month that Tesla’s Model Y production has accelerated significantly at the Shanghai plant, with the automaker expected to produce twice as many Model Y units as its Model 3 units. In October, Tesla formally increased the factory’s estimated annual capacity to more than 950,000 units, up from its previous forecast of around 750,000.

Tesla launched the Shanghai-built, redesigned Model 3 in a number of countries last year, with massive batches of the sedan being spotted over the last several months as they were prepared for shipment from the city’s port. Similarly, Tesla is expected to launch a redesigned Model Y in 2024, with mass production of the upgraded vehicle slated to start around the middle of the year.

Last year, Tesla also launched a Model Y with some small changes in the Chinese auto market, including new interior ambient lighting, the removal of wood trim found in previous models, and a slightly improved acceleration time.

Updated 4:43 pm MT: Corrected the second paragraph to say that Giga Shanghai can complete production of its vehicles in 39.62 seconds, after incorrectly writing that it could produce a vehicle from start to finish in that time.

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Tesla highlights Giga Shanghai automation and production cycle time
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