Tesla owners put on heart-shaped light show with over 200 cars

Credit: Tesla Light Shows/Simon Pollock | YouTube

The latest coordinated Tesla light show has taken place, this in Europe with more than 200 vehicles participating in a heart-shaped display.

Tesla owners in Salzburg, Austria, have put on a light show with over 200 cars as part of the larger Tesla Takeover event happening over the weekend. The light show took place on Friday night during the event, with the meetup set to continue through Sunday, as can be seen on the event’s website.

The event is being hosted by Tesla Owners Club Austria, though the Tesla Takeover organization itself is closely tied with several other owners clubs, including many others across Europe.

This particular light show also ends with a very special surprise that’s admittedly pretty heartwarming. You can see a few setup photos from the Tesla light show below, courtesy of the Tesla Owners Club of the Netherlands.

You can see the full light show event below on YouTube, running about five and a half minutes long.

Tesla first launched as an exclusive feature for the Model X, giving owners the ability to hold coordinated light shows with multiple of the vehicles. In December 2022, the company debuted the feature across all of its vehicles, and several groups have had massive Tesla light shows like this one since.

In April, Tesla owners in South Korea held the largest Tesla light show yet, featuring over 1,000 vehicles. Prior to that, owners in Finland had held a 687-car Tesla light show, while other previous record-holders included owners in Germany (255), and those in San Luis Obispo, California (170), who shared a Cybertruck-themed show during last summer’s Tesla Takeover.

This year, the Silicon Valley Tesla Takeover has rebranded to call itself the X Takeover, broadening its appeal to now include enthusiasts interested in Elon Musk’s other companies. The California takeover is set to take place on July 27 and 28, and organizers are planning a Tesla light show, in addition to hosting keynote speakers like Franz von Holzhausen and Jared Isaacman.

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Tesla owners put on heart-shaped light show with over 200 cars
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