Over 1,000 Tesla owners host largest light show yet in South Korea

Credit: Tesla in Korea | YouTube

Tesla owners in South Korea have hosted the largest synchronized light show yet, with over 1,000 vehicles participating in the event.

X user Elona_Life shared footage of the huge Tesla light show on Saturday morning, showing a top-down view of the synchronized show as posted from Suwon, Korea. From the top-down view, the light show features images of the Tesla “T,” a heart, and a number of animations, including one that looks like the “Plaid” launch animation and others spelling out the words “we will rock you.”

In addition to the video of the final project, the X user shared videos taken during set up for the event, which occurred throughout much of the day leading up to the light show.

You can see some footage from part two of the light show series below, or find additional coverage of the event here and on Elona_Life’s page.

The Tesla light show in Korea has successfully clinched the world’s largest, after a synchronized light show in Finland set the record in November with 687 of the company’s vehicles. Prior to that, a record was also set when roughly 255 Tesla vehicles took part in a coordinated light show in Germany, following the previous-record setting show with around 170 vehicles in San Luis Obispo, California.

Tesla launched the light show feature in 2022 (beyond the light show capabilities initially debuted with the Model X) as a part of its holiday update. The feature lets multiple owners use the headlights and taillights on their cars to perform a coordinated light show together.

Since its debut, the feature has become more and more commonly used during huge gatherings of Tesla owners, with multiple light shows already planned for the future. One such light show is expected to take place at the upcoming X takeover, formerly the Tesla takeover, at which the company expects to have between 2,000 and 3,000 attendees in July.

Tesla Korea Light Show (parts 2 and 3)

Updated 4/7/24: Added official videos from the Tesla in Korea channel on YouTube.

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Over 1,000 Tesla owners host largest light show yet in South Korea
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