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Tesla Model 3 gets 5-Star rating by the Green NCAP for sustainability

(Credit: Green NCAP)

The Tesla Model 3 received a 5-star rating from the Green NCAP, an independent initiative focused on evaluating the sustainability of a car. 

The Green NCAP tested a rear-wheel drive, single-motor 2022 Tesla Model 3 with a 60kWh battery capacity and 208kW of power for its sustainability test. It received high scores in each category of the Green NCAP evaluation, namely the Clean Air Index, the Energy Efficiency Index, and the Greenhouse Gas Index. 

The Tesla car received a 10/10 score in the Clean Air index. All Tesla cars do not emit zero exhaust gas pollutants, making the Clean Air index an easy win for the Model 3. 

Its second-highest score was from the Greenhouse Gas Index, with 9.8/10. In its 2021 Impact Report, Tesla calculated that electric cars release 30 tons of CO2e—assuming global grid mix—compared to 70 tone of CO2e released into the atmosphere by gas cars. The EV manufacturer also argued that it was possible to decarbonize electric vehicle production and its lifetime use with well-established technologies. In comparison, it would be challenging to decarbonize gas car production and lifetime since carbon capture is not economically viable. 

It won’t surprise Tesla owners that the Model 3 also received a high score in the Energy Efficiency index, receiving a 9.6/10. Tesla noted that the Model 3 performed well in both warm and cold laboratory tests and highway tests. Although the Green NCAP stated that under cold winter conditions the Model 3’s consumption increased by 72%, limiting its driving range. 

“Higher energy efficiency in cold weather conditions and further reduction of charging losses (tests consider 11kW AC charging), would help the vehicle boost its sustainability result even more,” stated the Green NCAP’s verdict. 

The Model 3 received the highest score in the highway test compared to all other vehicles test in the Green NCAP to date. The Green NCAP stated that the Model 3 receive an “impressive” 21.1kWh/100km on its highway test. Tesla calculated that 1kWh of energy in a Model 3 equates to 7 kilometers on the road, while an equivalent ICE vehicle would only yield 2 kilometers of driving capability.

“Tesla vehicles are designed to be more than just a great electric vehicle, but the best vehicles, period. Their efficiency are simply a positive by-product of making the absolute best and most fun products possible,” Tesla commented on the Model 3’s 5-Star Green NCAP score.

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Tesla Model 3 gets 5-Star rating by the Green NCAP for sustainability
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