Tesla Model 3 Autopilot in stop-and-go traffic with easter egg ‘on’

Tesla Model 3 owners are beginning to experience the benefits of Autopilot as they continue to log more miles driven and assist in calibration of the vehicle’s suite of cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors.

YouTuber stannous2 who previously gave us a look at Model 3’s newly enabled Parallel and Perpendicular Autopark feature is back with a video that shows how Model 3 handles stop-and-go traffic with Autopilot engaged. As a bonus, we also get a glimpse of Tesla’s psychedelic ‘rainbow road’ easter egg being applied on a Model 3.

With Autosteer engaged as denoted by a solid blue steering wheel icon that appears on Model 3’s touchscreen, the vehicle is able to leverage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC) and adjust its speed relative to the car in front of it, accelerating and decelerating as needed. TACC was first introduced in January 2015 under Tesla Firmware 6.1 for Model S vehicles that were equipped with Autopilot 1.0 hardware.

The initial set of Tesla Model 3 features does not appear to include the ability to adjust TACC’s following distance to the vehicle in front, but does include the ability to monitor cars ahead. By bouncing radar signals beneath and around a car, a methodology that was first revealed when Tesla overhauled its Autopilot system in September 2016, Model 3 is able to leverage similar technology and see two cars ahead, thereby allowing it to better react to heavy braking events. It’s not clear if the latest software version for Model 3 includes Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking feature or will arrive in a future over-the-air software update.

For now, check out stannous2’s video and watch as their Model 3 reacts to stop-and-go traffic while driving on Autopilot. We’ve also provided a list of previous articles that include video-reviews of Model 3 features.


Tesla Model 3 Autopilot in stop-and-go traffic with easter egg ‘on’
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