Early glimpse of Tesla Model 3 delivery paperwork including purchase contract

As Tesla Model 3 buyers prepare for the arrival of their long awaited all-electric vehicle, one new owner is providing buyers with an early glimpse at paperwork that’s handed over upon vehicle pick up.

Currently, Model 3 owners can take delivery of their car at Tesla’s Fremont delivery center, just miles from the company’s main factory, or at Tesla’s newest Los Angeles delivery center in Marina del Rey.

Tesla provides new vehicle buyers with an all-black folder that’s embossed with the company’s logo a packet of documentation, including the vehicle’s Purchase Agreement, window sticker, and various customer acceptance forms. In the case of Model 3 buyers, owners are also given a holder that contains two key cards for vehicle access.

Tesla Model 3 uses a key card that communicates with the vehicle using short range radio-frequency identification, otherwise known as RFID. Owners have the ability to unlock, drive, and lock the Model 3 by tapping the key card on a select area of the vehicle that’s embedded with a RFID transmitter.

Also part of the Model 3 delivery packet is Tesla’s Purchase Agreement which clearly brings to light that first production cars are well above the $35,000 base price. For SuperGadgetGuy who posted a video of their Model 3 specific paperwork, one can see that his purchase price totaled $57,500. This includes a $925 Destination Fee and $75 Documentation Fee.

First production Model 3 vehicles must be equipped with Tesla’s long range battery and a Premium Upgrades package. Factoring in sales tax, government fees, the addition of 19″ Sport Wheels – it’s believed that future Model 3 configurations with dual motors will have optional 20″ wheels – and Enhanced Autopilot, and Model 3’s total cost pushes north of $60,000.

Also worth noting in Model 3’s delivery packet is a decorations worksheet where new owners have the opportunity to mark up defects that Tesla will fix after delivery. Check out the video from SuperGadgetGuy to see the list of corrections needed for his new Model 3.

Early glimpse of Tesla Model 3 delivery paperwork including purchase contract
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