Tesla Model 3 passes Model X as 6th all-time best-selling EV in Norway

(Photo: Andres GE)

The Tesla Model 3 is making its mark in Norway as it has already become the 6th highest-selling Battery Electric Vehicle in the country despite only being on sale for seven months. The car the Model 3 surpassed for sixth place was its larger stablemate, the Tesla Model X., a website that tracks EV sales, car registrations and vehicle imports, gives real-time updates on how many units of each car are sold on a daily basis. According to the site, the Nissan Leaf is the highest-selling electric vehicle of all-time with over 56,600 vehicles sold, and 10 sold on September 23.

However, the Model 3 has sold just shy of 13,000 units since its initial unveiling in February 2019 and has sold 233 today. In September alone, 1,448 Model 3s have been purchased. The second-place vehicle for the month is the Nissan Leaf, selling only 491.

Credit: also reports that nine of the last ten vehicle registrations in Norway have been those of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla has been a popular brand in Norway. With the help of incentives that encourage and award zero-emissions vehicles, the company’s Q1 market share in the country accounted for 50% of all electric vehicles sold. The California Automaker first rolled out the Model S in 2014. The company’s midsize sedan sold its 20,000th vehicle in June 2019 and it seems that the Model 3 will soon surpass it. Tesla registered its 40,000th vehicle in Norway in June.

Electric vehicles as a whole have been widely popular in the country due to lawmakers passing a bill that will ban petrol-powered cars by 2025. Norway is 1 of 12 countries (including the Netherlands) in the world that have proposed and passed a gas-car ban that will take effect in the future.

The increasing popularity of Tesla vehicles across the world proves that the inevitable phase-out of gas-powered vehicles may come sooner than expected. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated in the past that the purchase of a battery-powered electric vehicle, Tesla or not, helps the push toward 100% sustainable transportation become more realistic every day. In fact, Musk said this past weekend in response to a Tesla vs. Porsche article that “either way, sustainable energy wins!”

Tesla Model 3 passes Model X as 6th all-time best-selling EV in Norway
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