Tesla Model 3 owners experience Track Mode with racing champ Randy Pobst

Electric car owners participating in the recent Tesla Corsa track event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in California had a visit from 2010 World Challenge GT Champion and Tesla ‘Track Mode’ consultant Randy Pobst.

Randy took a few performance-rated Tesla vehicles with varying levels of modifications from Unplugged Performance around the track, providing insights and commentary throughout the day. Tesla enthusiast and YouTube personality DÆrik shared his “hot lap” ride-along with Randy in his Model 3 Performance where they reached speeds of 110 mph and easily overtook racing favorites at the event including a Camaro ZL1 Convertible and a late model Shelby Mustang.

“Now, we can’t outrun all of this group, but we can outrun most of them,” Randy chimed confidently before their ride began. He remarked several times about the features offered by the Tesla Model 3, particularly focusing on its unexpected yet impressive handling. “Amazing what electricity can do, isn’t it?” Randy exclaimed before citing his use of regenerative braking force to slow down in the middle of a corner because it’s “easier on the brakes”.

The Model 3 Performance being driven in the video had lowering springs and sway bars installed as its modifications; Track Mode was engaged for the full ride and gave the car a great performance, all while its battery was only at 30% charge.

DÆrik also shared part of his and Randy’s discussion about his time working with Tesla with Teslarati. The all-electric car maker’s engineers were able to provide instant results based on his feedback during Track Mode tuning and testing, something the championship racing veteran appreciated. Overall, Randy’s review and experience with the Model 3’s track development reinforced the high-performance, super-quick reputation the all-electric midsize sedan has earned since its 2016 reveal.

Tesla Corsa is a Tesla-only racetrack event that aims to give Tesla owners the opportunity to experience the all-electric performance benefits of their vehicles in a safe, controlled environment. Participating drivers are separated into two groups based on experience levels as well as their vehicle’s power and handling characteristics. Along with the driving portion, the event provides Tesla owners with the opportunity to socialize and network with others in the community, using the event as a platform for exchanging tips and techniques.

Randy Pobst’s input during Tesla’s development of Track Mode proved invaluable when pre-release and full release versions of the software were tested in a Model 3 Performance against the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio late last year. Laps around Willow Springs International Raceway in California initially timed the Model 3 at 1:23.90, a fair amount slower than the Alfa Romeo’s 1:22.78. However, once tweaked and updated with Randy’s feedback, the electric sedan completed the same course in 1:21.29, which not only beat the Alfa Romeo, but matched the 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 and beat the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia’s time of 1:22.30.

Watch DÆrik and Randy Pobst’s drive around the track at Tesla Corsa below:

Tesla Model 3 owners experience Track Mode with racing champ Randy Pobst
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